Optimal Care


Are you tired of waiting for hours to see your doctor? And then only having 5-7 minutes with him or her when you are in the room? Sick of only getting pills as a solution to your healthcare issues? You need better care.....Optimal Care!

This wonderful new direct care system offers:


30 minute appointments
Same or next day appointments
State of the art medical wellness center with private room
Skype, Email or text your doctor when you need to
Phone and home consults are available (when medically required)



Detailed Heath Assessment
Plan to get you stronger and better over time...an MD to be your health coach.
In office Labs and screenings
Weight Loss Plan



Spend less on costly ER visits
Save on medications that you don't need
Less referral to specialists
Less incidence of heart attacks and strokes...keep you out of the hospital
What are you waiting for....this plan costs less than most ER visits.

Toepperwein Family Practice & Wellness Center
11355 Toepperwein Road
Live Oak

San Antonio, TX 78233
Phone: 726-888-5524
Fax: 210-654-7211
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