How it works

There are only two ways the body can rid itself of toxins: either by elimination or the sweat glands. Our feet have the highest concentration of sweat glands in the body (2000 pores per foot). Since the body is composed of over 70% water, its ability to interact with water is very high. The ion cleanse device generates a stream of positive and negative ions which attract themselves to oppositely charged toxic (acidic) particles in the bloodstream (drawing from all parts of the body). During the treatment, the lymphatic system goes into high gear and rids itself of bodily toxins via the sweat glands and osmosis. You can accomplish in 30 minutes what might be much harder in another form of detox. The detox process is non–invasive, painless and has no harmful side effects.

Healing Benefits

  • Improves oxygen levels at the cellular level
  • Liver and kidney detoxification
  • Reduces stress and depression
  • Greater mental clarity and memory
  • Increased stamina and sexual health
  • Reduces headaches, migraines and symptoms of allergies
  • Stimulates and enhances the immune system
  • Enhances weight loss
  • Increased circulation; improves blood pressure and lowers cholesterol
  • End cravings in caffeine, sugar and nicotine

Colors and Objects in the Water

Many colors and objects appear in the water during IonCleanse sessions. There is a reaction between

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the toxins and particles in the water, the salt added to the water, the metals in the array, and the acidity or alkalinity of the person being bathed. All of these combine to produce color, whether or not feet are in the water.

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The basic color produced by these reactions varies from one area to another. It is important to understand that the water will change color even if the unit is operating without feet in the water. The basic color change is a result of the reaction between all of the variables in the water and the array, as discussed above. This color change will vary in accordance with the toxic and chemical components of the water and air given a particular geographical area.